Osaka area tide table

Today's tide graph Age:5.3
Lowest tide level: 46cm /
High tide level:146cm

※The vertical axis of the graph shows the tide level and the horizontal axis shows the time.

Tide level in 30 days. (Oct 23-Nov 22 , 2020)

Lowest tide level:95cm /
High tide level:105cm

※The vertical axis of the graph shows the tide level and the horizontal axis shows the date.

※It shows the average tide level by day.

Weekly tide table (Oct 23 30,2020)

Oct 23(Fri) 4:07pm1469:00am6:03am 469:00am6:10am5:14pm
Oct 24(Sat) 4:50pm1499:00am7:28am 559:00am6:11am5:13pm
Oct 25(Sun) 5:11pm1489:00am8:54am 609:00am6:12am5:12pm
Oct 26(Mon) 3:11am1065:00pm14612:35am 999:54am 646:13am5:11pm
Oct 27(Tue) 4:05am1155:03pm14612:39am 9510:34am 676:14am5:09pm
Oct 28(Wed) 4:46am1245:22pm14811:07am 7011:33pm 736:15am5:08pm
Oct 29(Thu) 5:25am1345:46pm15011:37am 7311:59pm 596:16am5:07pm
Oct 30(Fri) 6:01am1436:10pm15112:05pm 769:00am6:17am5:06pm

※The information displayed is not to be used for navigation purposes. Be sure to use the tide table published by the Hydrographic Division of the Japan Coast Guard for voyages.

※Sunrise, sunrise, tide and tide viewing information (high tide and low tide) is for Osaka.

※The unit of level will be in cm.

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DateOctober 22October 23October 24October 25October 26October 27October 28
air temperature73.462.671.660.86857.269.853.671.655.473.457.273.459

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※The weather and tide level information for Osaka area is provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

※We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the information on this website.