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The surfing area in Fukushima Prefecture was severely damaged by the disaster, but the energetic activities of the local and regional governments are gradually coming back to their original shape. Beach maintenance in the prefecture is also progressing, and following Iwaki City and Soma City, which are the main surfing areas, Kitaizumi Beach in Minami Soma City opened last year. In recent years, many contests have been held every year, including pro-amateur surfing contests, and it's getting more and more exciting. There are plenty of waves in the Fukushima area, which catches a wide swell from the Pacific Ocean, so it is possible to surf consistently throughout the year. You can enjoy high quality breaks in a relaxed atmosphere without feeling crowded. It takes about 3 hours from the Tokyo metropolitan area to reach the surfing spots around Iwaki City, and it is a popular area with many surfers who visit from the Tokyo metropolitan area on the weekends. If you go to the northern part of the prefecture, you can enjoy a trip with a sense of freedom, as there are surf points that have been dotted with the names of facilities that no longer exist.