Recommended Surfing Point in Niijima! Places to Go on a Surf Trip in Japan

Niijima's Recommended Surfing Points

Did you know you can surf in Tokyo? It's one of Japan's leading surfing islands, located in the Izu Islands, 160 kilometers south of central Tokyo The "New Island". In the past, the island has hosted the world's premier pro tour WCT, Kelly Slater, Tom Cullen and others. The island has become a hot topic of conversation, with some of the top surfers in the world visiting the island. The boom of the time has passed, but the island is still frequented by many surfers. It is one of the most popular surf spots in Japan. This time, I would like to introduce "How to access" and "Recommended surf point" about Niijima. If you're thinking about a trip, please refer to it.


How do I get to the new island?

As I mentioned earlier, Niijima is located in the Izu Islands, so the access method is fixed. There are four main ways to get to Niijima: airplanes, large boats, high-speed boats, and car ferries. There are four main ways to get to Niijima: airplanes, large boats, high-speed boats, and car ferries. There are. So let's take a look at them one by one.



First of all, let's have an air flight. This is the flight from Chofu Airport in Chofu city, Tokyo. It takes about 35 minutes to reach Niijima, so it's very convenient and short travel time. As this is a small plane, surfboards can be carried on board no more than 2 meters, including the cover.


New Central Airlines


Large ships

The next one is the large ship "Tokai Kisen" which departs from Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo. It takes about 8 hours and 30 minutes to arrive from Takeshiba Pier, so the ship basically leaves at night and arrives at Niijima the next morning. The flow is that there are

Tokai Kisen Steamship


High-Speed Ships

The next high speed boat will also depart from Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo. This one will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Takeshiba Pier, so it will leave from Takeshiba Pier in the morning and arrive at Niijima before noon. Arrival. (Longboards are not allowed on the fast boat.)

Tokai Kisen Steamship


Car Ferry

The last one is to go by car ferry. If you want to drive to the surf point after arriving at the Niijima, or if you want to drive around the Niijima in your own car. The car ferry would be the only choice. The car ferry is a large boat that leaves from Shimoda. It takes about three hours to reach Niijima from Shimoda.

Tokai Kisen Steamship


Features of Niijima Surf Point

Niijima Surf Point

Niijima is a long island and there are many surfing spots in the east and west. The main point "Habushiura" is the center of the east coast, and the west coast reacts to the swell from the south. There are many points where you can feel the power of the island. In recent years, the effects of global warming and other factors have eroded the coastline of the island, but there are still many places in Niijima where you can feel the power of the island. The waves are consistently good and the main season attracts a lot of visitors every year. I enjoy it.

Niijima's Surf Point Information


Recommended Surfing Sites in Niijima

So, if you're going to the popular surf island of New Island, you should definitely know what to expect. Here are three surf points.



Habushiura Main Gate

First of all, there is a point called "Habushiura" which is a representative point of Niijima. The building called "Main Gate" is the landmark, so you can find it easily. If you come to Niijima, you should definitely check the point. It is standing up. When the sandbar is formed, powerful waves from the open sea come in, so short boarders can't This is the point at which there is no

During the typhoon season, when the swell comes, it can go up to triple, so you need to be careful when entering. It's also a good point because it has a parking lot, toilets and showers.

Well, it's a good point.




The next one I will introduce is "Secret". They got this name because you couldn't drive to the point before, but now you can drive to the point You can go there now. The place where WCT was held in the past is this secret point, and the terrain is boulder-shaped. It is the point of good shape and break point. It is famous as good point for long distance riding, but there are many local surfers, so it is good point for beginners to enjoy surfing. Be sure to follow the rules.
There are reefs in some places, so if you're a beginner or not used to it, get it from the front sand. It is safer to go there by car. If you go by car, be careful because the roads are narrow and rickety.




The last one we would like to introduce is "Awaiura". The last one I would like to introduce is "Awai-ura", which is located at the end of a long tunnel from Habushiura. The location is great. There is a tradition that the right side is local and the front side is the front and the left side is the visitor, so the rules and manners are very strict Make sure you enter with protection.
Basically, there are many hollow waves in Awaiura, and sometimes it can be a tube, so you must check it. It is the point that there is no point. It is recommended for intermediate and advanced surfers, and short boarders should not miss it.



Open-air baths to visit in Niijima: Yunohama Open-air Hot Spring

Yunohama outdoor hot spring

A must-visit place to visit in Niijima is Yunohama Open-air Bath, where you can enjoy a star-filled sky 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can relax after a long day of surfing with a view.

It is built in the motif of ancient Greece with an exterior that is not considered to be an open-air bath, and you can enjoy six different types of baths.

Please note that the open-air baths are a mixed bathing experience and require you to wear a swimsuit.

Yunohama Outdoor Hot Springs

Yu-no-hama open-air hot spring Click here to access



There are many more points in Niijima than what I've shown you here. There are many more points in Niijima, and the waves are directly influenced by the open sea, and it can be a rare experience in Japan. This is the most attractive point of Niijima. It's a fun island to visit as a normal trip, not only for surfing, but also for hot springs and food, so it's a great place to visit. Why not try it at
Recommended Surfing Point in Niijima! Places to Go on a Surf Trip in Japan