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The surf area in Fukuoka Prefecture has an intricate coastline with a location facing the Genkai Sea. The conditions for good conditions are similar to the Japan Sea pattern and the main season is from late autumn to early spring when the north swell starts to come in. The intricate and complex coastline is the hallmark of this area, and even during the winter months when the weather is very heavy, there are a few spots that respond best to the wind and waves of the day. The variation of the beach, reefs and estuaries are also available. Mitoma Point is the closest point from the center of the city in Fukuoka area and is easily accessible. It is a major beach for beginners. It dodges the northeast wind and is sensitive to the west swell. The terrain changes easily and usually there are mellow waves, but when it is good, there is a break from the peak of the triangle shape. But of course, it can be crowded when it is big, so make sure to enjoy it by following the minimum rules and manners.