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Located on the Sea of Japan side of the area, Ishikawa Prefecture's surfing area is mainly in the winter and early spring season. The winter monsoon and cold air blowing out of the continent triggers the swell to arrive. On the contrary, the summer months are mostly calm and flat with calm swimming days. The beaches around Kanazawa have a large capacity and the area is relatively open to visitors. The sand on the bottom of the ocean can be easily moved, but once the terrain is determined, breaks with power and power emerge and long rides are possible. The swell is mainly from north to west and at the point near Noto Peninsula, the swell from southwest can be reacted to. However, it doesn't take long to get down to size, so it is important to predict the weather condition and geographic factors before you make an entry to get a good wave. Also, when the northward swell becomes strong, you need to be careful because there can be strong currents around the banks and man-made structures. At some points there are no facilities for parking in many places, so be careful about parking on the street and nuisance parking.