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The surf area of Saga Prefecture has an intricate coastline with a location facing the Genkai Sea. The conditions for good conditions are similar to the Japan Sea pattern and the main season is late autumn to early spring when the north swell starts to come in. Even in summer, when the swell arrives with the passage of typhoon and low pressure system, it can be possible to surf. The main point of the Karatsu area, Tachigami is called the birthplace of surfing in Kyushu. It is famous as the point where world famous professional surfers have visited in the past. The terrain is a mix of beach and reef, and the point break is noticeable. Therefore, when conditions are good, it is often a local session, so beginners should choose a point on the beach to practice. In addition, the number of visitor surfers has increased in recent years, and it's not uncommon to experience point panic on some days. As with other areas, try to enjoy the experience by following basic rules and manners, such as refraining from entering large groups on the same peak, and be considerate.