Beautiful waters and surfing! Surfing Spots in Okinawa

Featured surfing spots in Okinawa

Summer is all about surfing! Surfing is a sport that can be done anywhere in the region where there is an ocean. So you may want to try surfing when you visit a resort area for a trip, right? .

In this article, we will introduce you to the surfing spots in the Japanese resort of Okinawa.

If you want to surf all season, this is the place to go! Suicide Point (Yonesu Beach)

Suicide Point is the southernmost point in Okinawa Island. It is the southernmost point on the mainland of Okinawa Island, and there are a lot of peaks because the coastline is not unified to one place but stretched to east and west. You can enjoy the waves all year round for all levels from beginners to experts. The inside (shore side) is very shallow (about 30cm), so it is possible for typhoons to increase the size of the waves and for the small tide to become bigger. If the water is too shallow, it can become swollen up too quickly. The first thing to do is to aim for two hours of high tide.

In terms of facilities, the toilets are located across the road from the coastline in the Forest of Creation Park and at the Tower of the Soulpak. You can use the toilets located in the main building, but there are no shower facilities. It is recommended that you have a water tank instead of a shower.

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If you want to surf in winter, this is the place to go! "Kochan."

Kochan is located about 200 meters off the east side of Cape Hendo, the northernmost point of the main island of Okinawa, and is an advanced This is the point for beginners. The water depth is shallow and the reef is very sharp, so reef boots are almost required. It is characterized by the outer break with the swell from the northeast, so it is important to check it when the tide is high. The take-off can easily lead to an accident, so beginners should pay close attention to this area. Let's.

The best season is from September to April, and there is a constant wave in the winter, so you can enjoy it even when it gets cold.

The location is a bit difficult to navigate by car as there are toilets but no parking and no showers.

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When it comes to famous surfing spots in Okinawa, this is the place! "Sunabe (Miyagi Beach, Chatan Town)

There are many surfing spots in Okinawa, but this "Miyagi Beach in Chatan Town", also known as "Sunabe", is the most popular surfing spot in Okinawa. It is the most famous surfing spot in the main island. It is located on the west coast of the central part of the main island, and it is the best place to surf from autumn to spring, when the surfing season is a little off. It will be especially popular in the area around

There are several peak points on the sand, each with a bowl, Hawaiian and California. They are nicknamed for their summer feel. The ease of riding these waves varies and therefore they are a fun spot for both beginners and experts. However, during typhoons and bad weather, the waves can get very high, so it's not as calm as it usually is. It can be a dangerous place, so it is advisable to avoid it on those days, especially if you are a beginner. Let's.

In addition to surfing, the sandy beach is also popular with locals, with a well-maintained boardwalk from the beach to the seawall. You can also enjoy the unique atmosphere of the resort area. In addition, Sunabe is also famous for its snorkeling.

At 60-100m from the shore in an area approximately 200m wide between the two steps down to the sea In a world where the seafloor is 3 to 7 meters below the surface of the sea, the seafloor is covered with soft coral, a rare sight in Okinawa. The schools of soft corals spread out, and there are a number of species of sparrows, butterfly fish, barracuda, snappers, yellowfin snappers You can see fishes such as the red snapper, and so on. This is a great spot to enjoy.

Facilities include public toilets, private shower facilities in the vicinity, and free parking along the coastal road. There are many dive shops in the area, so you can surf and suddenly If you want to go snorkeling, you may be able to handle it.

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 A great spot for advanced surfers! "East Coast (Ikejima)

The east coast of Ikejima is located on the eastern edge of a remote island called "Ikejima", and you can get to it by car, not by boat! You can visit the island by The island is located in the central part of the main island of Okinawa, past Heianza Island and Miyagi Island via the underwater road from Uruma City. There is no signage at the entrance of the surf spot, it's just a short walk from the road into the animal trail and through the bushes. . The sea is crystal clear and the white sands are stunning.

It's a surf spot for advanced surfers because the current going offshore from the beach is strong and dangerous, but it's It is one of the most popular surfing spots for advanced surfers. It is good point for beginners to practice when the waves are small. You may want to visit.
In terms of facilities, there are no toilets or changing rooms, so you may find it inconvenient in that respect.

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What did you think? There are many more surfing spots in Okinawa than the ones I've introduced here.

Surfing sites It's a good place to visit for sightseeing, but how about a surfing trip?

Surfing in a different landscape is sure to give you a breath of fresh air.

Okinawa's surfing video is here

Beautiful waters and surfing! Surfing Spots in Okinawa