Surfing girls ♡ How to deal with your period

Surfing girls ♡ How to deal with your period

I wanted to surf, but my period came.
. I want to enjoy surfing, whether it's menstruation or my period!
. One of my worries is when the timing of my period coincides with my plan to surf in the ocean.
. In this article, we'll show you what to do to enjoy surfing during your period.

If you get your period when you get into the ocean as a surf girl or surf girl


Can surfing girls go to the beach even if they're having their period?
. I wanted to go in the ocean, surf, but I got my period!
. I want to go surfing, but is it okay to go into the ocean during my period?
. As it turns out, it's okay to go into the ocean and surf even if you're on your period.
. Sea divers, ambulance corps, and other sea-related workers don't take a day off even if they get their period while working.
. I can put it in the sea if I take the proper measures, and I can surf!
. But what I'm concerned about is my body.
. There are times when you don't feel well, have menstrual cramps, or have a bad condition.
. In such a case, think about your body and refrain from going into the sea.
. There may be some things to worry about around you.
. If you don't feel well, please take a break and take it easy.

What Surfing Girls Can Do When They Find Out They're Getting Their Period

First of all, if you decide to surf in the ocean, you have to take care of your period.
. Knowing that surfing is an active sport and requires a lot of physical strength, it's time to find the best way to adapt to your body.
. If you have a lot of blood, you may be hit by a wave or move your body vigorously, which may cause bleeding to leach out.
. So if it's a surfing day and you know you're going to get your period, you can prepare.
. Here are three recommendations for you.
. ①How to get into the ocean as usual by delaying the period itself
. You can ask your OB/GYN to prescribe a pill to stagger your period.
. It can also be used when athletes take it during competitions or when they have overlapping periods during hot spring trips.
. However, surfing while medication is in effect is not very good for your body, so it may be better to end your period.
. It is also good to go to the gynaecologist beforehand and have it prescribed because it is possible to stagger it if you know that your period will come.
. How to prevent bleeding by using simple tampons
How to prevent bleeding by using simple tampons
. The tampon is inserted directly into the vagina, so the tampon absorbs the blood.
. It also reduces the risk of blood leakage.
. There are some for ordinary days and some for many days, so let's choose one for each day.
. While watching the condition of the amount of the day, it seems that you can surf with more peace of mind when you use it.
. ③How to wear the magic swimsuit PantyProp
. This swimsuit is said to be a magical swimsuit, and on a light day, you can go to the beach without wearing anything!
. Groundbreaking item! It's amazing.
. PantyPropm has been on the market since 2015 and specializes in swimwear that can be put in without wearing sanitary pads.
. The bathing suit features a
. It has a special pad that is safe even in water, and it absorbs the blood.
. The front, back, and sides of the bag are also designed to catch blood.
. It also deodorizes the smell of menstrual blood during menstruation.
. Even though the material is non-slip, it doesn't rub off!
. I like to use it in conjunction with a tampon on many days.
. If you are a surfing girl and have one, if you have a swimsuit that you can use in case of emergency!

Surfing Women's Things to Keep in Mind When You Have Your Period

The body of a woman on her period tends to get cold!
. During menstruation, the body is at a low temperature, which makes it swollen and cold easily.
. In addition, the blood flow in the body is also compromised by the cold.
. Therefore, a wetsuit is recommended.
. Anyway, don't let your stomach get cold.
. Also, if possible, take frequent breaks instead of staying in the water all the time.
. If you're wearing a swimsuit or bikini, it's especially easy to get cold because your skin is exposed.
. When you get out of the water, wear a rash guard or poncho to warm up your body right away.
. Drinking a warm drink or bringing your own is also a good way for women surfing during their periods.
. There are also items such as innerwear and gloves to keep your body cool, so use them as needed.

Surfing Women's Things to Watch Out for in the Ocean When You Have Your Period

When you're menstruating, you're especially concerned about hygiene.
. Just as you need to change your tampon or sanitary napkin as often as you do when you get your period, don't forget to change it at sea.
. Tampons and napkins will also absorb moisture.
. In the sea, water pressure and wetsuits make it difficult to leak blood, but the inside of the vagina tends to accumulate germs.
. And there are fungi in the sea.
. When replacing it, use clean hands.
. If you bring a sanitizing sheet, you can keep your hands clean without worrying about the location.
. Use care to avoid getting germs in your vagina from seawater and getting infected, and enjoy surfing!
. It is also a relief to grasp the toilet facilities in advance so that they can be replaced immediately.
. Surfing Women's Menstruation is a big part of it! How to choose a poncho
. A poncho is a great way to keep your surfing clothes on and off
. There are two types of ponchos used in the sea, one is used as a haori and the other is used when changing clothes.
. So, the size is large. And it's a good idea to buy one with an adjustable neckline.
. The type with an adjustable neck makes it easy for surfing girls to change without worrying about their breasts being visible when they bend down to change.
. The microfiber fabric is recommended because it absorbs moisture easily and dries easily.



No worries if your period overlaps with your surfing schedule.
. If you know how to deal with it and take care of it, you'll be able to get in the ocean and enjoy the surf.
. Right now, we have PantyProp menstrual bathing suits, so that's a relief.
. This means you don't have to take your sanitary pads with you anymore, you can put them in the ocean!
. There is no doubt that the demand will increase more and more in the future.
. Even if you're a surfing girl, you want to enjoy it with less period anxiety.
. I hope you'll take a look at it for reference.

Surfing girls ♡ How to deal with your period